My walls do not warm up with the pale winter sun but with hearts of those to whom I have managed to give moments of happiness

The Castle

The castle of Montecavallo was built around 1830 by Count Filiberto Avogadro di Collobbiano on the remains of a fort belonging to the family since the 1200’s.

The complex, designed by architect Alfonso Dupuy, is one of the rare expressions of Gothic revival in Piedmont.

The garden and the park, which were designed at the same time as the castle, are in typical “Italian Style”.

The private chapel, dedicated to Saint Filippo Neri is home to a white marble pietà by master Benedetto Cacciatori from Carrara.

Perfectly preserved and still used as the family’s primary residence, the castle is now at the center of the namesake winery and location for exclusive events.

The Vineyards

Terroir, tradition, passion

Our vineyards, thanks to their favourable south-east facing orientation and unique soil composition, date as far back as the early 1200’s. They overlook the district of the city of Biella, and are located at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level.

Consisting mostly of Nebbiolo vines farmed in the traditional Guyot method, the vineyards surrounding the castle are one of the most important and historic wine production sites in the area.

The vineyards were historically used for the production of wines for the family and for the local farmers. With the change of times, over the last few decades the wine production was reorganised with a more market oriented approach.

Our production today is driven by the passion for what we love.

The Family

Wine for us is family history.

In our family the passion for wine was handed down over centuries and generations. Today this passion is carried forward by Maria Chiara Reda and by her sons, Tomaso and Martina Incisa della Rocchetta.