After many generations of wine making for the family's personal use, Cajanto is the first wine from our estate to be put on the market.
By rights it should be called Castello di Montecavallo named after the hill and estate where it is grown and produced, but at the time our ancient cellars did not conform to the strict appellation rules in force, so we carried out the vinification in a winery that was outside the area and so we were not able to use the DOC classification, nor were we allowed to call it Castello di Montecavallo.
So we looked for an imaginative name to baptise it and came up with Cajanto which was the pet word I used as a three year-old girl for a horse. Even now, although we vinify in our own cellars and our wines have been awarded the DOC classification, we have kept the name Cajanto, along with other more recent ones from our production.

Maria Chiara Reda


DOC: coste della Sesia
Grape variety: Nebbiolo, vespolina, neretta cuneese
Vineyard: sunny slopes of the hill of Vigliano Biellese
Altitude: 450 slm
Pruning system: guyot

The grape harvest takes place around mid October. The grapes are destemmed and pressed, then the must is put with the lees into a steel barrel. Fermentation begins and continues for at least eight days. During this time it is racked and topped up twice a day before being drawn off into thermal steel barrels for the malolactic fermentation to occur and there it remains until February.
Ageing takes place in French oak barriques over a period of eight months during which time clarification and battonage are carried out at regular intervals.
After bottling the wine will be left to mature in the cellar for a further three months before its release.


The wine is ruby red in colour with violet reflections, it has a deep and fruity bouquet with notes reminiscent of plum and cherry jam.
On the palate it is very pleasant and well balanced with soft tanins that are most seductive. Drink it young in order to appreciate its freshness as a convivial accompaniment throughout your meal.

Alcool: 12%-13%


Serve at 18-20°.
The bottles should be stored in a horizontal position in a dark, cool dry place.
0.75 lt bottle – 6 bottles per carton
0.375 lt bottle – 12 bottles per carton

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