After repeated experiments and as many tastings, we have come to the conclusion that this wine, to be honest is a bit of a ruffian; it has a really intriguing flavour and a fascinating after taste. From childhood memory there still lives on the legendary figure of Biondin, the last of the Biella brigands who is still remembered by a few of the very elderly.
Francesco Demichelis, know as "il Biondin" or " Blondie" was born in Monferrato in 1871. Handsome, elegant and a talented dancer, he loved the village celebrations and harvest festivals. But for a profession he was a bandit working the territories of Lomellina, Biella and Vercelli, but his gallantry with the ladies served as his passport to freedom for many years – a kind of homegrown Robin Hood, the last of the romantic brigands.


The wine is obtained from white grapes grown on the morainic hill to the west of Biella known as La Serra which are brought to Montecavallo and kept in the passitaia, or drying room, until Christmas.
After a very gentle pressing the must is subjected to a cryo maceration over a two day period of naturally cold winter temperatures, then with the calm, slow days of the new year the crystaline, golden must is transferred to an oak barrel where it begins the fermentation that will go on until the spring, transforming the sugary gold into a precious nectar to be enjoyed on its own, as a reward, a moment of pure pleasure at the end of the day.


A wine of golden yellow, vivid and brilliant; on the nose sweet honey scents herald the more sensual notes of citrus. A lingering on the palate will be rewarded by the harmony that mingles sweetness and freshness and gives way to a longlasting finale of vanilla and candied fruit.

Alcol 13,5-15%


Excellent accompaniment to strong cheeses goats' cheese and blue cheese; and patisserie especially hazelnut tarts.
Serve at: 12-14°
bottles of lt 0.5l
Limited production

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