With the restoration of our ancient cellars and our conforming to the appellation rules, we have been awarded the DOC classification. To mark this significant milestone we wanted to create a wine that was elegant and also a classic by making a very careful selection of the grapes we use, even though this results in a limited production.
The name we chose for this wine is a mark of gratitude to all the people who, down the ages, cared for this land who struggled to cultivate it continuing a tradition which, through their love and tenacity, has now come down to us today.

Maria Chiara Reda


DOC: Coste della Sesia
Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Vineyard: sunny slopes of the hill of Vigliano Biellese
Altitude: 450 above sea level
Pruning system: guyot

The vineyard extends to the south east over a gradual slope towards the town of Biella. The soil is light with an abundance of gravel and pebbles, harsh and poor where the vines put down deep roots. The grape harvest is decidedly late, taking place during the second half of October. The wine is made from carefully selected grapes, only the ripest, most perfect ones are used, and only those of the Nebbiolo variety.
Vinification is traditional with submerged-cap maceration for twenty-one days in order to extract from the skins all the smells and flavours typical of this important grape variety.
The malolactic fermentation occurs in steel vats at a controlled temperature in order to give the wine fineness and harmony. Clarification takes place over fourteen months in casks of French oak until the desired ballance between scent and taste taste has been achieved. After bottling the wine is left to mature in the cellars for a further six months before being released to the market.


It is ruby red with garnet reflections. The bouquet is intense and complex with fruit notes of raspberry, then spicy with a suggestion of pepper and liquorice.
Hints of toast are perceptible but are not overpowering and complement the bouquet. It is full bodied and flavoursome with a good intensity and with those strong tanins typical of Piedmontese wines, but of a refined nature.
Alcool: 12,5%-13,5%


Serve at 18-20°.
The bottles should be stored in a horizontal position in a dark, cool dry place.
0.75 lt bottle – 6 bottles per carton

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