A tradition preserved.
Our historic cellars have an enormous room on the upper floor which, in former times, used to dry the grapes in such a way as to concentrate the scents, sugars and tannins. It was a way to make really high quality wine. Over the years this tradition has been somewhat lost as it requires a lot of time and a great deal of patience. We persevere with this tiny production to keep alive a tradition that would otherwise be lost and forgotten.
The work involved is immense, but so is the satisfaction when we taste the final outcome. The name, which has a slightly Arab sound, is none other than the name of my mother, Clara Reda, spelt backwards. I wanted to dedicate this very special wine to her because it was she who instilled in me the love and the passion for this work and for this land.

Maria Chiara Reda


Aralcader is a wine obtained from only a few bunches of grapes selected from the vines growing in the sunniest positions. We choose only the grapes that have reached the absolute limit of ripeness on those vines where the smaller less perfect bunches were removed earlier in the season. Then according to an ancient, local tradition the harvested grapes are left in trays for a period of fifty days and it is this that gives our wines their extraordinary richness.
The vinification process begins with the separation by hand of the shrivelled grapes from the bunch and then proceeds rapidly to the long, slow fermentation that takes place over the cold winter months enriching the wine with a multitude of delicate and subtle aromas that contribute to its elegant character.


Indeed it is elegance and refinement that are the key qualities immediately evident in a wine with such fullness and intensity of structure. Aralcader has a long and pleasing aftertaste and can be drunk on its own or as the perfect accompaniment to strong flavoured and elaborate dishes.

Alcool: 15-16%


Serve at 18-20°.
The bottle should be opened at least two hours before drinking and if possible decanted.
The bottles should be stored in a horizontal position in a dark, cool dry place.
Bottle: lt. 0.75
Limited production

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