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At he heart of our cuisine is the desire to use only produce grown in our own gardens or sourced as locally as possible. Only the freshest, first choice products are served to our customers as a point of honour worthy of the finest quality our region can offer. Traditional dishes from the Biellese region and also from Piedmont and Liguria (Salt Road) form the basis of our inspiration. We have chosen to interpret them in a way that combines tradition and lightness, because it is essential to take account of changes in lifestyle, eating habits and also weather that is not as bitterly cold as it was in the past.

So, for example, risotto in cagnun, the dish par excellence for weddings and great feasts in Biella, is revised and made lighter by reducing the amount of butter and Macagno cheese so as to make it more digestible and fresher. However when it is in season we do use the special butter, burro del presidio slow food della La Trappa and the Macagno cheese from the Alpine valley of Val Sessera. We have also introduced the use of sage so guaranteeing an end result that is tastier and less heavy. The antipasti are the stars of our menu: veal with tuna sauce, potato salad, anchovies with green and red source, stuffed eggs, "bagna cauda", and also stuffed vegetables in Ligurian style, Genoese meatloaf, fried anchovies and much more.

Our pasta is always freshly prepared, by hand using fillings and sauces which are appropriate to the season. The gnocchi (dumplings) are also made by hand with our own wonderful potatoes that are grown by us in here in Montecavallo.

Of course, one of the most popular dishes in our menu is risotto, which serves to pay homage to the vegetables and meat from our area.

Another dish that we offer is the fritto misto alla Piemontese which is now prepared with the aid of new essential cooking techniques that make it lighter and easier to digest. Even the desserts tell the story of our countryside and our Piedmontese culture. So we offer in rotation: bunet, monte bianco, meringues, chocolate bread pudding, hot zabaglione and other inventions of the moment.

During the year, on Thursday evenings, we organize special dinners with visiting chefs, friends from far and near, not only from Italy but from all over the world. We have fun being creative and trying out typical dishes, both ethnic and regional.

Write to us to find out what is happening this Thursday.

The kitchen is open on Thursday evenings, Friday evenings, Saturday evenings and for Sunday lunch. As we cook for you "al momento" a reservation is appreciated.