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About Us

We say that the people from Biella always return to their home because they love their land – austere mountains and challenging yet beautiful countryside. Me too, I went away and then I came back. The tough landscape breeds a tough people.

I grew up here in the Biellese, this difficult yet fascinating place, among the chestnut trees and vineyards; I spent Sundays in Oropa, walking in summer and skiing in winter. Even our mountains are not the easiest but, as my son says, other places bore us. Yet the spirit of that landscape gets inside you, with its crimson beech trees in autumn, the brilliant azaleas and rhododendrons in spring, and then the mesmerising rice fields that stretch out to the south looking like the sea.

I left the castle and went off to be a photographer and then later to manage a bar in Greece. As I travelled round the world I began to understand where I fitted into the great scheme of things and I came home and now I am happy to be here, to tend the vines that have been in my family for centuries, and to try to bring life to this old castle that needs so much care and affection.

My mother was a very hospitable person and I have always been used to having people around the house, people of every nationality. I believe that it is because of this background that I have now opened the doors of our home and am welcoming in those who know how to enjoy and appreciate its quiet beauty and charm (see our Bed and Breakfast in Biella)
The winery is run directly by myself and Andrea Manfrinati, who is like a brother to me as we share our constructive discussions and inevitable seasonal bickering that accompany the harvest. We both have a passion for the land, the vineyard and the wine. We can spend hours discussing the possible changes and improvements to the winery and to the wines, needless to say with a glass in hand...

Twelve years ago I met Ferdinanda Salino with whom I share a passion for travel, mountains, cycling and a pack of cats and dogs. We have walked in the mountains together, raced each other on the steepest ski slopes, travelled across Germany and France on bikes - but we were never too grand to ignore the good restaurants and good wine we found on our way. Apart from books and cats, Ferdi is passionate about cooking and loves to follow old famly recipes. Over the years she has assimilated the creativity inherited from her grandmother.

Maria Chiara Reda

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